10 Tips For Taking Great Photos Of Your Kids On The Beach

Shoot RAW so you can get some details in the shade during further processing. You can also create 3 images with different exposures Maui Maternity photographer and combine them to create an HDR image in post-processing. This way your photo has a beautiful range of visible details.

To activate burst mode, simply hold the shutter button for half a second or more and the iPhone will start taking one photo after another. Without the woman in the picture above, this beach scene would be pretty boring, just sand, sea and air. The recording of a person gives meaning to the image and offers a strong focal point. Women are the main theme and the surrounding beach scene complements the image. One of the first rules for photography is that you should always include a focal point in your image. You need an interesting focus point that gives the viewer a place to rest, and then you can build your composition around that focal point.

It can be fun to play with exposure levels on the beach, because white sand can work as a reflective screen for the sun. As the sand lights up, objects will also be around or above, meaning you can mark trees or people by simply adding a little extra exposure to your image. Usually I keep mine around +0.7 when I have a subject in the box and I will always point the subject to the sun, allowing maximum light. When you shoot on the beach, you often get an overexposed or underexposed part of the image, usually in the foreground or in the air. The reason for this is that the sand reflects a lot of light, which can mislead the automatic light meter of your camera.

The air is dramatic, the reflections of the sea are dramatic, and the light is perfect for capturing people and subjects with its absolute best light. Planning that visit to the beach around the position of the sun creates ideal conditions for photos. Afternoon is not an ideal time for beach photography as there is no way to choose where the sun is. Come out when the sun is behind the sand instead of over the water, it will be a beautiful golden hour effect. Unless of course you want to catch the sunset or sunrise: the low position of the sun makes it easy to shoot into the light source and still get a good injection.

Beautiful beach photos happen when the bright sun shines a bit through a layer of clouds. This rule certainly applies to the beach, especially if there is white sand. If you take your photos in the middle of the day, the glow of the sand and white water with high contrast will create marked photos that do not do the location justice. However, if the sun is low, it will illuminate the entire scene in much warmer colors.