14 Great Things To Do In Incheon, South Korea

It is also the place where jajangmyun was invented, so there are many restaurants that sell this delicious dish. The oldest and most popular restaurant is called Gonghwachun, which is really worth a try. Eurwangni Beach is a cozy white sandy beach near Incheon International Airport. It is suitable for those looking for excitement as banana cans and jet skis are available there. Parents and children will also love Eurwangni beach as the average depth of the sea is about 1.5 meters, which is not so dangerous for children. The beach is also a great place for astronomical observation, where you can appreciate the beautiful sunset, but also see the stars and galaxies.

Manisan is a natural wonder in Incheon that you should think about trying to visit, just like Baengnyeongdo Island. The Bomunsa Temple is a charming sight to visit, as is the UNESCO World Heritage Ganghwa Dolmen. There is also a wide variety of bars, clubs and casinos in the city. If you’re still looking for things to do in Incheon after visiting all the shops, nightlife, restaurants and attractions, you’ll always have Seoul next door.

From day trips and excursions to events and attractions, there are things to do in Incheon for every traveler. While on the move, you can take part in one of the many airport transit routes available in Korean and English. The tours take between 2 and 8 hours and visit sights such as the Yongungsa Temple, the Dora Observatory and the Sinpo 대구오피 Market. If you are a history buff or have a great interest in the history of the war, this is a place to visit while in Incheon! Most people who visit Incheon do this as transit passengers through Incheon International Airport. But even if the airport is your only experience in this vibrant city, you can still taste the local culture .

Hiking and tobogganing in the hills include fun activities to choose while spending time here. And of course it is surreal to sit next to one of those beautiful lakes in the park. There is a variety of things to do in Incheon, from shopping and visiting traditional markets and shops to buying authentic Korean products, dining in authentic Korean restaurants. Entertainment ranges from theater and film to opera and ballet, rock and concert festivals, karaoke gals and pulsating night clubs.

Incheon Grand Park overlooks the Sangasan and Gwanmosan mountains and offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the natural landscapes and rural forest far from the city life. In addition to a well-known historic center, Chinatown Incheon is known for its infused Korean and Chinese cuisine. Fire pot dumplings and black bean noodles are some of the tasty foods you’ll find. After getting tired of Korean art, history and culture in one day, relax in one of the traditional bathhouses, known locally as Jjimjilbang, and let your tight muscles relax.

Just book online or use your lounge membership program to access. Most days she can be found planning her world domination, reading about theories of war and conspiracy, or sniffing cheap travel deals because she spends all her money on food. The next time you go to bed in Incheon, or before making that trip to Seoul, spend a few hours enjoying the incalculable beauty this glorious city has to offer. Wolmido Island is located 800 meters from the coast of Incheon and is connected by a bridge.

Dongmak Beach is also known for its delicious crab and seafood dish. Last but not least, Masian Beach is also surrounded by many hotels where you can check in overnight, sit back and relax on the beach while the sun goes down. With an area of 727 hectares, Incheon Grand Park is the largest urban natural park in the city. It is surrounded by two gigantic mountains, the Gwanmosan mountain and the Sangassan mountain, where you can walk or sled. There is also a botanical garden, a children’s zoo, an artificial grass playground and some beautiful lakes in the park.

This South Korean island is located northwest of the center of Incheon and is easily reached by bus. While once popular for handicraft and general supplies, this Incheon market is now fed by its delicious Korean street food. The Sinpo market is best known for a dish called “Dakgangjeong”, a kind of juicy fried chicken. Located in Jiangsu-dong, Incheon, the nature park is an easy activity to record during your stay in the city.

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