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First apply a light shade just above the tabs, then set the dark tone and finally use the dark shade. If you use crème blush, it should be applied eyebrow permanent makeup after the moisturizing cream and before the powder. Whichever blush you use, a good blend is essential to prevent chalk and rough appearance.

Here are eye makeup tips for a dramatic look of eye makeup. Use light-colored lipstick if you still don’t trust your abilities: light colors don’t need a lip liner to keep them in place and avoid feathers. If you want to try a dramatic shade like cherry red, use a matching lip liner on your natural lip line. Color your lips with the lipstick tube or with a lipstick.

Most of us are used to putting concealer in a hemisphere pattern under our eyes to reduce the appearance of the bags or swelling. However, for best results, apply the concealer in a conical pattern under the eyes and stretch it almost where your nose ends. Not only does it hide better because it is easy to mix, but it also helps contour the sides of the nose. The eyebrow gel pencils are really concentrated, but they are very suitable for coloring, making them perfect for contouring.

Apply the color to the outer corner of the eye, just above your lash line. Swipe the darkest color through your eyelid fold, just below the eyebrow bone. Stop applying around the center of your eyelid because you don’t want to darken the inner corners.

Learn how to apply your makeup with these important beauty tips. From applying a liquid base to using a gel eyeliner, these tips and tricks help you create a perfect look that you can be proud of. Before you start listing those basic makeup tips, you need to learn how to prepare your face even when you plan to wear simple makeup. One of my biggest makeup tips for beginners is investing in a good concealer. Most of us don’t always have the amount of sleep we want or need, and our area under the eyes generally suffers the most.

One of the most important makeup tips for beginners is about choosing the right basic tone! You want to choose something that exactly matches your skin color, that way you have no lines when you lay the foundation. Eye makeup is an integral part of your entire makeup routine, as everyone notices their eyes at first glance. There are many eyes and eye makeup ideas, such as a smoked eye, cat eye, crazy eye and exotic eye, etc. When it comes to creating the exotic eye, bright, striking colors are used and therefore it is considered an ideal look for casual events and parties. In dramatic eye makeup with light eyeshadow from the eyelash line to the eyebrow bone.

Absorbs the product so that you can gradually add the ideal basic amount to your complexion. We all have those days when we feel that our skin may need a little more help to achieve that shine it normally has. If you need more coverage, you can reach that preferred level with a buildable base like Mented’s. If you want to turn on, just apply a lighter amount of product and brush your face once, maybe twice.

This is an art in itself, but it is easy to do once you know how. First apply the base, liquid or glued, with broad lines on your face. Then polish the product on the skin, starting in the center of the face and working outwards, by stroking in circular movements with a base brush. Cover yourself at the base until it fits evenly and well in your face and looks natural.