Can We Solve Construction’s Skilled Workforce Shortage??

Although women represent only 10.3% of construction workers, labor shortages provide the opportunity to employ more women. There are several things construction companies can do to tackle and try to solve the problem of skilled labor shortages. Read on to discover five strategies that can help construction companies tackle the shortage of skilled workers and learn to retain qualified workers. If you’re having trouble hiring qualified personnel, it makes sense to prioritize your time to minimize the hours you spend on administrative tasks, to focus on the company’s more strategic priorities. The benefits of automation are evident in the time and cost savings it offers its employees and companies. By taking the time to get away from everyday details, you will certainly find ways in which new processes and technologies can help you overcome labor shortages.

Instead of resigning to achieve less with fewer workers than necessary, construction company leaders can take steps to overcome the labor shortage in construction. Despite the increasing confidence of builders and consumers and the recovery in the labor market, it is difficult to find skilled workers for skilled construction positions. Now the industry is facing the problem that workers may no longer be able to work after the pandemic.

Also use product updates, new employees and the latest news from your company as a way to sell your business to job seekers. In addition to the current situation, the future is likely to put even more pressure on construction production. While the dual infrastructure agreement is still under negotiation, other existing federal and state programs are already adding new demand for workers across the country.

And 68% of construction companies report difficulties when it comes to hiring skilled workers. Technology often comes to the aid of company productivity and the same applies to the construction sector. Many forward-looking building brands now use high-tech products and processes, including work management software, robotics and even augmented reality programs, to save time and money on work in the workplace. With a widespread shortage of construction work, potential workers have a choice of construction companies.

To overcome this labor shortage, construction companies can take advantage of temporary traders to meet their critical personnel needs. If you can’t take the time to focus your busy schedule on recruitment, consider hiring a part-time employee with human resources experience. This employee can help create and maintain a recruitment process and preserve your company’s name and interests against potential job candidates. A new recruitment focused on recruitment can be a decent investment of time and money, so you always have a portfolio of skilled workers when you need them.

Give the applicant ways to leave comments and questions and respond in a friendly and professional manner. A responsive and engaging company is much more attractive to potential employees. Instead of simply posting a vacancy, you can provide applicants with comments and feedback. Encourage job questions and respond appropriately to make significant contact with applicants. New degrees, learning and returns provide opportunities for new and existing workers to acquire valuable skills to gain or return to staff, which can be reflected and performed by other industries in need.

You can pocket or invest this income to attract new employees for your business, such as holding recruitment events, placing local ads for open positions, investing in employment conditions or offering login bonuses. To hire skilled construction workers, construction companies are increasing their wages: nearly six out of ten respondents increased basic payment rates and 29 percent offered incentives and / or bonuses. commercial construction collaboration tool For example, only 37% of construction companies use vacancies online to recruit candidates, compared to more than 80% of Americans looking for online work. The most common way of recruiting skilled workers is still word of mouth, and this will likely have to change before the problem improves. Although the construction and construction sector is now growing, this growth is hampered by a lack of skilled labor.