Secret Sauce Silent Auction

It is not uncommon for organizations to hold a variation of both during a single fundraiser to increase the amount of money raised. For one reason, you can hold auctions using both mobile bidding options and paper bidding sheets. Plus, with online auctions, your guests can preview and bid on auction packages before the event and purchase items at a fixed price. Auctions are an effective way to raise money by selling items at the best possible price. Some of the most common types of auctions are live auction, silent auction and online auction.

However, since bidding sheets require a more complicated bidding procedure, institutions that hold paper auctions generally do not collect as much money as those that hold mobile auctions. Not to mention that your organization will face silent auction ideas a complicated payment process at the end of the night. When most people think of silent auctions, bidding papers come to mind. They are simply pieces of paper that are placed next to each auction item and contain lines for bidding.

In this case, guests are assigned numbers that they can use instead of their name. This allows bids to remain anonymous and guests will feel comfortable bidding against others, even friends. Guests are allowed to bid on as many silent auction items as they wish. As soon as the auction ends, the items go to the people with the highest bids. Tickets for professional sporting events are high-priced items for both personal and silent online auctions. Organize a field day to bring out the inner athlete of the supporter, arrange sand volleyball tournaments, figure skating races, flag conquest tournaments and tug of war.

Local gyms are constantly being asked to donate free classes or memberships to charity auction events. Instead of offering a supporter a training experience, why not share these endorphins with the entire supporter base? Create a “sweat” event where people pay a fixed amount (about 20) to enjoy a charity training lesson. Invite local companies to donate water, sports drinks, T-shirts and raffle prizes to athletes. Onicos’ innovative silent online auction software helps you manage your event from start to finish. From easy to difficult, you hold your hand in every task and make sure that the task is done correctly.

Since all items must be ordered in advance, there is very little effort at silent auctions. Donations from local dealers, sellers and personal contacts make silent auctions possible. Due to the combination of low overheads and a minimum bid for the bidding model, silent auctions can be a safer and more secure fundraiser for your non-profit organization.