Hrt’s Real Risks

Early completion of the WHI study and subsequent publicity about these previously unvalued risks led to a decrease in CHRT recipes. WHI results were used by BHT prescribers to promote bio-identical hormones as safer than regulated preparations by the FDA despite lack of evidence; according to the FDA, the results of the study apply to all estrogens. Since then, BHT […]

What Are The Risks Of Manual Spine Treatment?? A Scope Review For Doctors

Benign side effects were transient and usually consisted of increased musculoskeletal pain or discomfort, stiffness and headache . Other benign side effects reported in patients receiving treatment for neck pain included fatigue, fainting, dizziness or dizziness and tingling or numbness in the upper limb . The intensity of adverse reactions was predominantly less or moderate, although more intense or more […]