Tungsten Rings Have Become Popular

Tungsten carbide is actually an inorganic chemical compound with equal number of atoms of tungsten and carbon. It is a fine gray powder and can be pressed into any shape and used in machinery, tools, jewelry and abrasives. Tungsten carbide has robust physical properties and 3 times more tensile strength than steel and can be compared with sapphires for hardness. It has a high melting point at 2870 degrees centigrade and can only be polished by using diamonds and cubic BN Gasket. In this form, it is a primary metal for men’s tungsten rings.

Why are these rings popular with men? Here are the reasons:
1. The metal is seven times harder than a stainless steel ring
2. It has high brightness, looks stunning and can be compared to a mirror after being polished.
3. It is corrosive resistant and does not fade or change color. It does not cause any allergies nor does it rust.
4. Due to its hardness, it cannot be scratched easily.

Compared to gold rings, these rings are economical and have great looks. In fact, wearing a tungsten ring these days has become quite fashionable. Men prefer to go with 8 mm wedding bands, while women go in for the thinner and lighter 6 mm. Besides being trendy, they are available in a variety of styles and designs with their adamantine luster and noble appearance. Colors can range from black to shades of grey. They are available in different finishes – faceted tungsten rings, rings with inlay, brushed, polished and grooved rings, laser engraved tings and even those with CZ stones; jewelers have all of them and come up with newer designs. They are also very comfortable because all tungsten rings are rounded inside. These rings can be bought as wedding bands, engagement rings, promise rings etc. Tungsten rings can be used in various environmental situations also due to their strength. However, a common misconception about tungsten rings is that it is difficult to remove them during medical emergencies. The best thing to do when it happens is to break the ring using a vice.

In fact, the soldier wears the ring on behalf of the nation. Some are made in sterling silver, white or yellow gold can be round or oval shaped or made using different materials and encrusted with stones.

Designs of the army ring depend on the department of armed forces that the soldier has served under. The logo of the respective unit or departments is engraved on the ring. These rings can be customised to suit the requirement.

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