What You Should Understand About The Imei Numbers

Since there is no good reason to change the device’s IMEI, practice is illegal in many regions. However, if you want to buy a new device, especially a used one, you should also check its status with the IMEI. To do this, go to and enter the IMEI number of the smartphone. While the IMEI number is undoubtedly important, it is not the only regulatory requirement for your smartphone. Manufacturers must comply with the regulations for each region in which they want to sell their devices. IMEI does not show that the team meets one of these other security and regulatory requirements.

If you bought a phone from someone or anywhere you don’t trust, try to investigate if your alleged IMEI really fits this phone model. You may be able to get your IMEI number by logging in to your mobile operator’s online account manager. It is listed on the left as the name of your iPhone or iPad. With iTunes, you may need to click the icon that resembles a phone or tablet in the top right corner. This is the easiest way to find your phone’s IMEI number.

The easiest way to find your phone’s IMEI number is to use the USSD code. This method is more or less the universal method. Works on almost all function phones and smartphones. As soon as you enter the second symbol #, the device identifier is displayed immediately and a screenshot of the entire code is not possible. If your Android smartphone displays a MEID number instead of an IMEI number, you will not panic.

IMEI numbers can blacklist devices so they don’t work and make them unusable when they steal them. Although you don’t want to share your IMEI number, it can be helpful to know what it is and where to find it. Each mobile phone has a unique international identity number for mobile devices. This number is important because it can be used for numerous security purposes, e.g. To identify the manufacturer, to record whether it was reported as stolen, or to search for defects or damage to the service. If the phone is active in a mobile phone account you own, that service provider can tell you what the device’s IMEI number is.

Your IMEI / MEID number will be displayed in a new window on your phone. Write the number because you cannot copy it and paste it from your phone screen. Most phones tell you when the number is displayed when it is an IMEI or MEID number.

If you do not see an entry for MEID, you can securely enter the IMEI number and delete the last digit. On some phones you may need to touch the status to find IMEI or MEID. Usually it has a symbol that resembles 10 squares in the form of a telephone bookmark. If you have Verizon as a mobile operator, you must find your MEID number with the application settings. The IMEI number is on the sales box and invoice, which is a good reason to keep it safe instead of throwing it away.

For this reason, it is important to check your IMEI status If you lose your phone or it is stolen, you must provide the police with the IMEI number so that you can find your device. Operators rely on IMEI numbers to identify devices registered in their network.