8 Beautiful Traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery Styles

The jewelry of Maharashtra contains exquisite reliefs and craftsmanship, as well as motifs left by the Maratha and Peshwar dynasties. They are usually carved from gold and silver and other metals. Jewelry such as pearls and gems are used to enhance the traditional appearance of these dazzling jewels. From unique patterns and designs to small subtleties, Maharashtra jewelry has a unique charm. 

Maharashtrian jewellery is usually made of Gold and this can be a reason of worry for some people for 2 reasons. 

First, Gold jewellery is expensive (the obvious reason), and secondly, it can turn black (especially if it’s impure). 

So, make sure that you buy your Gold jewellery from a reputed brand or shop otherwise you’d end up Googling, why does Gold jewellery turn black?

Here are few traditional maharashtrian jewellery designs that will catch your eye.

Mohan mala

Mohan Mala is a long necklace made of 2-8 layers of golden pearls, usually used as wedding and daily jewelry. Mohan Mala is an amazing gold pearl necklace with a beautiful pendant in the middle. Pendants are usually made in a round shape, which means sunlight. Brides love to show off these layered works that exude charm and coveted magnificent appearance. 

Lakshmi Haar

Lakshmi hair, also known as Putli hair, is a coin collar or temple necklace and consists of gold coins strung on a woven silk thread. These coins bear a pattern called Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. This maharashtrian jewellery has been an integral part of Maharashtra since the 17th century. 


Each tode or bangles weighs 250-300 grams and is a finely carved gold bracelet. It takes about a month to make a bracelet with intertwined gold rings. Brides in Maharashtra wear these bracelets with many green glass bracelets. 


Vaaki is also usually worn on the arm and is also called Bajuband or armlet. It is made of gold and has exquisite patterns. The gold bracelet is decorated with emeralds, rubies, and other gems in the middle, and is decorated with a mini gold chain. Such styles really make a fashion statement.

Vaati Mangalsutra

In the traditional Mangarashtrian Mangal Sutra, there are two vaatis (bowl-shaped) pendants with black and gold pearls on them. The traditional Maniwati beads have almost no patterns. This is of the most famous types of mangalsutra in India. 


An ambada is a golden needle decorated with pearls and gems, which is fixed on the arch of the Marathi bride and it is also a  very old traditional maharashtrian jewellery. The most popular pattern in this traditional jewelry is a sunflower with a pearl chova. 


This is unisex jewelry worn by both the bride and groom. In fact, this is a string of pearls (sometimes two strings) tied together across the temple and across the forehead. There are two other rows of pearls falling from both sides of the forehead to make the face more beautiful. 


Nath is distinguished from other Maharashtrian brides: this traditional frame is decorated with typical paisley-shaped pearls with white stones in the middle. The nostril design also indicates the financial status of the family. 

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