How Facebook Ads can help to build Audience on Spotify

Everyone is talking about Facebook advertising, but what can we really accomplish with it? Should a musician, artist or music group necessarily buy Facebook ads to promote his music on the platform? 

Why use Facebook ads when you are a Musician? 

Facebook is a platform that does not stop evolving and adjusting its algorithm. 

Over the months we see new features and a big number of publications. What many do not realize is that Facebook’s algorithm is based on the commitment of a community. If you have 100, 1000 or 10000 fans and nobody react, and then Facebook will only show your publications to a very limited number of people who follow you. Conversely, the more your community reacts, the more visible your publications will be.

The worry is that the content you create on a daily basis is not necessarily the engaging content expected by your community. In short, if you want to boost your Spotify promotion on Facebook, you may be tempted to go through advertising in order to retain your current number of fans, find new ones and increase your plays, streams and followers on spotify. 

Target and reach potential fans

What if you could target fans of a particular page directly to try to convert them to your cause? For example, fans of a similar group, a radio, a label, a magazine, a concert hall, etc. Well, it’s quite possible to target users based on their interests and the pages they like. It should be noted, however, that not all pages are targetable. But if you make metal for example, you can very well target fans of Metallica or Iron Maiden, who live in your area and who correspond to your ideal fan to make them discover your musical project. As per one of the report on spotify, when they signup a music artist who buy spotify plays from their website, they rely more on social media like facebook, twitter, instagram to get their desired amount of traction for that artist.

How to create Facebook ads for your musical project? 

As a plan, beside to buy spotify streams you can also do social media ads to target your audience. When creating an advertisement, define its purpose, in this case, your music or music genre. There are always several things to consider before publishing. These are the different elements that will allow you to better target Facebook users and therefore obtain a better return by paying less for each click. 

The elements to take into account are: 

  • Location: Are you looking to grab the attention of local fans, your region, the people who speak the language your music in or fans on an international scale? 
  • Demographics: Most of the time, you need to have a pretty good idea about the age and gender of your ideal fan, use Spotify Analytics and base your advertisement on Data. 
  • Points of Interest: This is where you can target users much more deeply based on what interests them. This is the key to success; otherwise the targeting will be far too broad and therefore ineffective. Target music styles, artists, media, concert halls or anything that your think is of concern to your fans. 
  • The budget: Too many people underestimate this, but you can have real results by investing only 5 to 20 € a day for a week. Since this is a betting system, the more money you put in, your ad will reach the right people, but you can start for a very low sum of money. 
  • The visuals: For most ads, you can include professional photos of your musical project or a visual created for the occasion. In any case, do not neglect the visual aspect. 
  • The text: The sentences in your ad should be as captivating as the rest so that users follow your call to action. Therefore, sell your musical project and highlight your legitimacy (successes, similar artists, popularity, etc.).

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