How to Do a Magazine Relay in a Retail Newsagency Store

First of all, I have to point out that there is no proper way to issue a magazine. I’m publishing my opinion here. It worked for me in several of my news agencies. It may not work for everyone.

Then I have to say that this is not the end of the game. The relay you have made will not be the last. A good magazine department is like a field on a farm: it needs to be cared for and transplanted every year. (I apologize to the farmers if my analogy is wrong.)

Finally I admit I’m obsessed with magazines. (You have to, too.) Some might say I’m obsessive-compulsive. Magazines, or rather the assortment of magazines that we have, are the most important difference we have from any other retailer in Australia. In the medium term – maybe in three years – we will be able to use it to increase traffic and sales.

Well, with that said, on the relay…


Before you act, think about your customers and how they buy. See where they go primarily in the magazine department, where they meet and how they handle what you sell.

After doing this in a few days, print your magazine’s sales report, preferably by AMP category, and compare the last three months to the same three months a year earlier.

View the percentage of sales generated in each category and look at sales trends for categories. Get together in large groups. For example, the percentage of sales of weekly women’s magazines, women’s interests, crafts and hobbies, crossword puzzles, home and lifestyle, food and wine. If your news agency looks like Mike, this group will account for more than 50% of your magazine’s sales.

If you add up driving, men’s lifestyle, sports and recreation, music and entertainment (possibly) and buying and selling, you have men’s titles – probably about 30% of sales.

Think about the data you’ve collected and what you’ve been watching in business. Talk to your staff. Discuss ideas for a better magazine placement.


The purpose of the relay should be to increase sales.

After all, it’s business. The easiest way to increase sales is to give customers what they want and make it easier for them to find, interact and buy what they want.

Forget about the layout of your current magazine. You really need to start from scratch.

Think about what people are likely to buy along with other titles. This often leads to debate. Go ahead knowing that what you think people are buying from other publications is often not reflected in your sales data.

I like to create areas that reflect gender and interests. I start by creating a marketplace for women, a separate aisle or aisle where they are comfortable. It is in a better position in the magazine department, it is easy to access, easy to shop.

Thinking about the magazine department in terms of areas, it’s easier to approach the relay that I found.

I view the women’s area as women’s weekly magazines, women’s interests, home and lifestyle, crafts and hobbies (not all hobbies, but definitely cross embroidery, postcard making, knitting, etc.), gardening, crosswords, bride, hair, pregnancy and women’s health and fitness. Now it depends on the available space.

The men’s field includes the categories of men’s titles listed above.

You’ll also need an area for technical editions for computer magazines, gadgets and gamers. It should be next to the photo header window.

I prefer to see ACP cookbooks in a separate area where you can show the range and appropriately support the new titles that come out every month.

I’m trying to find a separate location for current events, business and related books. This is often an addition to hobbies such as the railway or the plane.

Undoubtedly, for you there is an internal discussion or external discussion with others about what you put in your zones. Don’t worry too much, it’s not a finale and you won’t need much time to make a change while you’re in it.


I prefer to do this on my own because I can then make changes depending on what I see.

Clean the boards. What an opportunity.

Start building a women’s zone right now. From the busiest part. If it’s an alley, start with women’s weekly on one side and fashion magazines (Marie Claire, Cleo, Cosmo, Vogue) on the other. But first, focus on one side, the weekly. Respect your bestsellers, give New Idea, Women’s Day, Famous, NW, Who, OK!, C’est la vie and take 5th place. Hold your bag for TV week. Use three to five squares for some Lovatts crossword puzzles.

In addition to weekly magazines, I commissioned tricks from Australian Women’s Weekly, WOMEN’s magazines in the UK (yes, everyone), headlines about village life, “Better houses and gardens in a waterfall,” “Home and Home.” Life, food, marriage with the trick of the main title now and her. To me, it looks one side of the aisle. This is something you need to think about in terms of the space you have.

On the other hand, right across from women’s weekly, I have fashion for young adults, and I end up with Frankie’s trick. This follows the health of women, starting with young target titles and mixing them with old ones. Next is pregnancy and baby, followed by a crossword puzzle. Usually it completes the other side.

This is my women’s way.

You can see that I use key titles at the same time as boundaries and attributes.

I’m looking for a place on each side for a local exhibition where I’ll take four to six places for a poster with a title. This can help reduce the visual conflict of multiple headlines and encourage other companies to create a good headline.

I hope people understand my approach. I do the same with women in other areas that I create. I work through each zone separately and try to get into the room of the main buyer of the zone – using the most popular names, such as beacons or pointers for the zone.

I also take note of blankets and give very good blankets, wonderful blankets, time in the spotlight.

I am attentive to the fact that I put next to the best-selling titles. It’s a great place besides popular titles. Choose wisely. Choose names that naturally match the main names, names that buyers will be able to see and buy at will.

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