Lighting Fixtures – Beautiful and Stylish General Lighting

When decorating a room it takes several different types of lighting to truly complete the look. In the ideal room, general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting work in harmony to create an overall effect that is comfortable and engaging. For these reasons, serious thought needs to be given to the home lighting design process, especially when it comes to general lighting fixtures. While general lighting fixtures can be decorative and add an element of style to the room, it also needs to be practical and able to handle the majority of your general lighting issues.

General lighting is the ambient lighting that is used to illuminate an entire room. General lighting is normally switch operated and consists of lighting fixtures installed in common rooms such as entryways, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

While some lighting fixtures and other types of general lighting fixtures can be bland and virtually blend away into the surface of the ceiling, other lighting fixtures can make a bold statement or be selected to accent your décor beautifully.

There are many different styles of lighting fixtures to choose from including fixtures that are ideal for home decorating styles such as Mission, Traditional and Contemporary. You can choose from many different color schemes and patterns such as geometric shapes, floral patterns, and Tiffany styled lighting fixtures.

Changing your existing lighting fixtures is probably one of the easiest and least expensive ways that you can spruce up your home décor, and it doesn’t take a genius or a home improvement guru to get it done right. In fact, almost anyone can dramatically change the look of their interior space by changing its existing ceiling fixture, and it only takes a couple of steps.

Here’s how:

1.Shut off the power to the entire room where the fixture is located. If you’re not sure which breaker or breakers control the lighting fixture, turn off the power in the entire house to be on the safe side.

2.Remove the globe or diffuser, and the bulb(s). Remove the screws or the cap nut holding the canopy in place, and drop the fixture down. Disconnect the black and white wires. Check wires for cracks in the insulation.

3.Connect the black and white wires and the ground wire of the new fixture to the wiring in your ceiling, coil them up into the box, and push the canopy into place so the studs poke through. If the unit does not easily push up flush to the ceiling, drop it down and rearrange the wires. Secure the canopy light fixture by twisting cap nuts onto the studs.

4.Screw in the bulbs and attach the globe to the canopy. Restore power to the room.

See, changing a ceiling fixture is barely enough to break a sweat, and the effect created by your new ceiling fixture will be noticed right away. So, if you are looking for a way to inexpensively and easily spruce up your décor, perhaps you should add that special design element with new lighting fixtures.

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