In The Apartment Amenity Arms Race, Service And Technology Win Out

One of the downfalls to renting an apartment in an affordable or moderate price range isn’t the layout, but how it looks. The buildings and appliances are usually outdated, causing a living environment that feels dingy and worn. Luxury apartment features, such as masterfully designed kitchens, wood floors and well-maintained grounds, are usually the biggest selling points. When you live in a luxury apartment complex, you have access to a variety of amenities some of which you are unlikely to find in a standard apartment building. The layout of luxury apartments is generally spacious, with structural features like floor-to-ceiling windows and high ceilings which make an already spacious unit feel even bigger.

Of course, everyone’s tastes are a little different, and you may want darker woods or a different color of appliances.

Two apartment complexes in the Washington, D.C., area, the Pearl in Silver Springs, Maryland, and the Ten at Clarendon, in Arlington, Virginia, feature community gardens, a particularly popular amenity. While adding smart home tech to apartments can be complicated owners find value Buy Off The Plan Apartments North Shore in creating more efficient buildings and offering more services. Hello Alfred, the concierge service startup, and Baroo, which offers walking and doggie daycare services, have used mobile tech and increasingly wired apartments as a means to reach customers in high-rent areas.

Luxury apartments feature more spacious floor plans and tend to update the spaces with stylish interiors/furniture/appliances. All these living spaces present a high-quality feel that could be showcased in the form of a modular kitchens or premium quality bath fittings. Luxury apartments offer a variety of amenities that may not be provided in standard apartment complexes. Some of the amenities you are likely to find include a pool, fitness center, dog parks, assigned parking spaces, community events and classes, media room, and playgrounds among others. You probably already know that younger renters are increasingly demanding luxurious in-unit features. These amenities include in-unit laundry, walk-in closets, and outdoor terraces.

Unfortunately, it can be a bit challenging to sift through the long list of amenities that luxury apartments boast. A high-quality, luxury apartment is going to give you access to great things to do and see, but also great people to meet. You’ll find that your neighbors will enjoy utilizing all of the amenities just as much as you do, so you will develop a community of like-minded people to spend time with. For tenants who place a premium on comfort, luxury apartments are an appealing option. After all, a luxury property delivers far more than just convenience–it is a destination in and of itself at the end of a long day. Reflecting shifts toward e-commerce and online shopping, one of the most popular new amenities is package delivery services, Walter says, including dedicated lockers.

One of the oft-cited downsides to paying for a gym membership is that it takes time, planning, etc. to drive to and from the facility. On the other hand, home gyms are expensive and take up premium space. So for many folks, a good apartment fitness center is the key to staying in shape.

Draper and Kramer’s portfolio of luxury properties offers tasteful design, popular amenities, and prestigious locations. Booth Hansen is the award-winning architect, and the interiors are by Darcy Bonner. The meticulously designed luxury apartments at River Place embody a sophisticated and modern way of life.