The Best Time To Visit Luxor Egypt In 2022

Day trip to Luxor on the eastern and western shores of Luxor to visit the temples of Karnak and Luxor, Valley of the Kings… It’s not my favorite thing, I’ll tell you a lot, but for a sunrise balloon flight over Luxor day trips Hurghada the Nile, there’s no other option. Being picked up from the hotel, taking a small ferry across the Nile and then reaching a field of 20 hot air balloons in different inflation states is still quite magical.

Finally a short visit to the Colossians of Memnon, two huge statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III, built 3,400 years ago! For a once in a lifetime reminder, take an optional balloon ride to watch the sunrise over the hills of Theban and Nile. Abu Simbel temples are some of the most impressive and unique temples you will see in Egypt, so it is worth a visit. The sun worshiped Egyptians built their capital to reflect their cosmology. The residences, the extensive Karnak complex and the elegant corridors of the Temple of Luxor are located on the east bank, where the sun rises.

Watch the sun rise over some of Egypt’s most famous ancient monuments during this exciting balloon ride with Luxor outdoors. These highlights include the Valley of the Kings and the Necropolis of… Discover the archaeological treasures of Luxor during this private day trip from Hurghada.

Enjoy Luxor’s main attractions on a full-day trip, starting from the west side of the Nile River, where the ancient Egyptian pharaohs were… To see the highlights of Luxor you need at least a few days, but we recommend 3. From his own experience it was a good balance between tourism and leisure, which made the trip more pleasant. An important thing to keep in mind is the weather, because it gets very hot, which limits the weather. On the east side you will find most of the accommodation, plus some beautiful sites like Karnak. The West Bank is a large collection of monuments that can be seen for days, including the world-famous Valley of the Kings.

End the visits of the day at the Colossi in Memnon and watch the latest excavation work in the Temple of Amenhotep III. We can also organize an optional balloon ride through the West Bank for you. One of the most beautiful ways to experience the city of Luxor is from above. And the best way to do this is with a hot air balloon tour through the sunrise in the West Bank. If you don’t mind starting your day early, it’s not easy to witness the rising sun of the ancient temples of Luxor.

Benchmarks include the Queen Hatshepsut Temple and Karnak. Even luxury activities, such as a balloon ride across the Valley of the Kings in Luxor or diving in the Red Sea, are reasonably priced in Egypt compared to other parts of the world. That’s perfect for those who want to see some of these more adventurous activities on their wish list. This private day trip includes private transport in an air-conditioned minivan, an expert guide and lots of history and fun. Start at East Bank and visit two of Luxor’s most majestic temples. Karnak has different temples, masts, chapels and a large hypostyle room.

In addition, all Luxor sites and tourists will always be guides to the military and police to ensure their safety. At the end of Avenida de las Esfinges is Karnak Temples, famous as the backdrop for one of the scenes in the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me. You know, the temple with the extremely high columns, which is placed at night during a light show? The temple is beautiful, a great complex and a fun way to experience it, with a bit of cinematic nostalgia, it is during the nighttime light show. You can take a guided walk and hear about the history of the temple and the different pharaohs. End the walk along the lake, with perfect reflections of the temple in the water, listening to music and stories from the past with Luxor in the background.